simplyBrand’s Strategic Partnership with COBINHOOD will Usher in a New Era in Ending Fake Products on E-commerce

2018-12-21 03:49:51

We are extremely glad to share the news to our community that we have entered into a strategic partnership with leading zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, COBINHOOD.

COBINHOOD is not just a trading platform but also offers comprehensive ICO advisory services. As we enter an exciting phase of raising funds through our own ICO, it was only obvious that we partner with an expert entity that was reputed and respected in the crypto world. Who better than COBINHOOD that has revolutionized crypto trading ever since it’s inception with its “zero trading fee” philosophy that seeks to attract all kinds of crypto traders to participate in the crypto movement and reap rich rewards.

COBINHOOD’s ICO services are different and far superior to any ICO services currently present in the market. The company’s expertise and experience will help simplyBrand to understand the technical as well as economic aspects ICOs. The support provided to us will include consultation on business models, tokenomics, legal compliance and marketing support. COBINHOOD has announced this strategic partnership in their official press release.

simplyBrand is a next-gen brand protection services platform that uses A.I. and blockchain to embed enhanced identification and verification processes into every transaction. To support the technology, it will also add a “human layer” of verification and together it will create a “blacklist” of counterfeiters that will be put up on the blockchain for everyone to see and refer. This will create a massive barrier for the continuing activity, and entry of new, counterfeiters. Brands who wish to uphold their reputation will join these services knowing that any end user will be able to check for security through simplyBrand’s links before purchase.

The ICO is simplyBrand’s means of creating a highly liquid token — SBA — that will be used as utility token for all services on the platform. It will also serve as a reward to individuals who provide useful information to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting activities of simplyBrand.

Kaufman Chang, founder and CEO of simplyBrand was excited with this partnership and said that he was looking forward to what we can achieve with COBINHOOD’s help and guidance. “COBINHOOD is a very reputed exchange and the team is utterly professional. We are not just looking at a short term cooperation that lasts only till our ICO is done, but seek to continue this mutually beneficial partnership for a very long time,” said Kaufman.

We are also proud of the loyal following we have received from crypto enthusiasts around the world. We have a robust and dynamic Telegram group. Our top management is active on it and is available to answers questions and queries regarding our development roadmap as well as details of our upcoming ICO. To incentivize active participation, we are running a telegram Bounty Campaign from October 16th till October 28th. All you have to do is actively participate on our lively Telegram chats and stand to win SBA tokens worth $100, every week! The details of this bounty campaign are posted on our Telegram channel. Join us today and make sure to check out our Telegram group as there is an on-going bounty program for early participants!”

About simplyBrand:

simplyBrand is an inclusive ecosystem combining artificial intelligence, blockchain and crowdsourcing to eliminate counterfeit products in digital commerce. simplyBrand enables people and AI to collaborate utilizing the unique features of blockchain technology to strengthen security in online purchases. simplyBrand was founded by Kaufman Chang, startup entrepreneur with ventures in cloud computing software, big data security software. Kaufman is a graduate from the University of Chicago.

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