The simplyBrand MVP Dapp is out!

2018-12-21 03:47:15

Hello Dear Community!

As announced a couple of days back, we have released our MVP Dapp and we invite you to look at it and share your valuable feedback so that we can make the final product better.

Needless to say, a lot of thought and efforts have gone into creating this app so we thought we would describe a bit about it, how it works, its features, advantages and benefits to our friends and well-wishers.

As you all know, simplyBrand is creating a solution that is not only powered by cutting edge AI, but is also strengthened by a “humint” or human intelligence layer. Nothing beats the discerning human eye and experience and we have created a unique crowdsourcing system that will not only use manual intervention in detecting counterfeits but also reward active participants for their efforts. It thus becomes a hugely gratifying and economically helpful activity.

Inside the MVP

When you log into your MVP, you will see two options — Fake Identity and Image Identity. Different participants will receive randomly distributed products. The same product will be identified by 50 different participants.

This data that you see has been collected from e-commerce platforms and has stored it in the product database. Some of these data has been classified by the AI classifier and has been divided into authentic and counterfeit categories. The products classified as “counterfeit” will be placed in a blacklist which is now open to be accessed by platform users through the app. So the products that you see in your app are essentially the ones that you will help classify in order to enhance the maturity of the AI classifier algorithm.

In the Fake Identify, users can “shift” products which need to be identified by means of lateral sliding. Detail information of the product will be shown when the product card is clicked. After users have identified the products, click the ‘fake’ or ‘real’ button on the product card and the user identified result will be submitted. If the result of the user’s submission is consistent with the final decision of the item, the user will be rewarded with token.

In the Image Identify, user needs to observe the product in Tested picture and identify whether it has counterfeited the product in Original picture. Click the ‘copy’ or ‘not copy’ button on the product card and the user identified result will be submitted. If the result of the user’s submission is consistent with the final decision result of the item, you will receive a token reward.

When users need to report a fake product, they can click the ‘+’ button at the upper right hand corner of Home page, thus the webpage will redirect to the ‘Add Report’ page where users can fill in the appropriate product information and submit it. After the report verified by the system is successful, the user will receive a token reward.

When a user needs to check whether an item, store, or seller has been blacklisted, just click on the search bar above home page to select the category you want to query and enter the keywords you want to query to see the results.

There is a “Group” section on the Dapp that helps you communicate with the community. You can post questions and queries and get them answered by peers. The “Me” section is your personal account with your details. It shows you your wallet balance — tokens that you have received as reward for your efforts detecting fakes on the platform. You can also see a list of your judgments in your account.

While we have created an easy-to-use, intuitive app, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when you are using the app — the AI is getting better, your reward points are being calculated and sent to your account, rating points are being calculated for each participant and so on.

We invite our community to check out our MVP, play around with it and share their thoughts on the usability of the features and any suggestions they might have for us going forward. We, at simplyBrand, are committed to help brands fight counterfeiting and also empower customers with the knowledge and wherewithal to help take informed shopping decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones from the growing economic and health menace of fake products.

simplyBrand MVP Dapp Link

Interested to give it a try? Please go to this page for further details

About simplyBrand:

simplyBrand is an inclusive ecosystem combining artificial intelligence, blockchain and crowdsourcing to eliminate counterfeit products in digital commerce. simplyBrand enables people and AI to collaborate utilizing the unique features of blockchain technology to strengthen security in online purchases. simplyBrand was founded by Kaufman Chang, startup entrepreneur with ventures in cloud computing software, big data security software. Kaufman is a graduate from the University of Chicago.

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