🎊 🎉Announcement on simplyBrand listing on BitRabbit exchange📣

2019-06-26 10:00:54


Dear simplyBranders.

As discussed in our last post, we have been working frantically to find a good cryptocurrency exchange in order to list our SBA token and we have good news for you all.

We have tied up with BitRabbit (https://bitrabbit.com/en), the largestcrypto to crypto exchange in Australia. It has a matching engine that can process up to one million transactions per second, and is backed by top tier security, liquidity and expertise.

The team behind BitRabbit is a well-rounded blend of experience in finance, internet and blockchain technology. The exchange is renowned for its quick customer service, which is the major pain point for traders and crypto enthusiasts the world over.

The SBA token will be listed on the BitRabbit exchange on 28thJune 2019, 11 a.m. (UTC+8)and will be available for trading.For more information about SBA, you may check that on bulletin board (https://www.bunnypub.net/en/announcements).

We again reiterate our commitment to our stakeholders and members of our community that we are doing everything we can to progress and succeed. simplyBrand is on a mission to clean up online commerce and our solutions have been appreciated and acknowledged by brands that we serve and are looking to serve in the near future. We simply ask for your trust and patience in us. We ask that you continue to be the support and motivation that has been the driving force for us for so long.

Thank you, dear community.

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