Important Announcement: How to claim your SBA Airdrop Bounty!

2019-04-25 17:26:54

Dear simplyBranders,

We announced a while back that the airdrop bounty has been scheduled for 30th April, 2019 for the winners of the bounty programs and now we have brought forward the date. Read on to know how you can get your SBA token rewards. All winners will have the opportunity to claim their respective bounty rewards from 26th April, 2019 to 7th May, 2019.

To claim your bounty reward, you need to click on This will take you to the rewards collection activity page, where you will need to enter your wallet address and click the “Next” button. Your SBA token rewards will be saved in the simplyBrand app wallet. If you have already registered on the simplyBrand app, you just need to log in to the simplyBrand app and enter the wallet page to view the rewards. You will receive the SBA token rewards directly in your wallet. This will be in accordance with the withdrawal rules of the app.

If, however, you have not registered for the simplyBrand app, you will need to first register for the app, after filling out the wallet address on the reward page. The good news is that you will receive 100 SBA tokens as registration reward.

How to Register on the simplyBrand App.

1.Once you are on the registration page, you will need to enter the registration email and password and click the registration button. simplyBrand will send an account activation email to the user registration email address you have entered. You will need to go to the email to click on the activation link.

2. After the account has been confirmed and activated, you can log in to the simplyBrand app by entering the account number and password on the login page. When you log in the very first time, you will need to share some personal information including the account nickname, your real name, nationality, gender, and date of birth. Please note that you won’t be able to changeyour date of birth or any other information, once you have submitted it. If the information filled in by you fails to match our KYC data, it will result in failure to log in to the app and use the app. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to send and receive SBA tokens or perform any other transactions. Please share the correct details for using all the features of the app and for also receiving your bounty reward.

After entering the correct details, confirm and submit. You can then click on the back button to enter on the upper left corner to enter the home page.

3. On the home page, click on “Wallet” to see the wallet details, like SBA balance. You can also click the Withdraw button to withdraw the SBA in the wallet to another specified wallet. When you withdraw your SBA tokens from your simplyBrand wallet, you need to maintain at least 100 SBA in your account as reserve. After the withdrawal is successful, you will able to view the withdrawal record and the gas deduction record in the account wallet details.

Hope we have clarified all the details on how you can claim your bounty reward. We thank the entire community for the patience and support. We hope to carry on the good work with your continued support and motivation. If you have any queries regarding the bounty reward claim or wish to receive any other information, please ask us on our Telegram group, or email us at

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