Spotted a Fake on the Internet? Here’s How You Can Get Rewarded For Reporting it

2019-03-26 20:32:31

These days, it’s all too easy to come across fake goods either when we’re out and about, or browsing online. While some are indeed well-made, many fake goods are ridiculously bad. Depending on what we come across, our reaction might be anything from buying one of them, to passing on an image any eyesores to our friends for a laugh.

But what if there was something else you could do? Something that didn’t involve supporting an industry that harms the world’s most vulnerable supporting an industry that harms the world’s most vulnerable, or just quickly moving on after seeing a fake?

We’d like to share a way for you to be rewarded for spotting fakes on the net. Seeing as you’re already spotting them here and there anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to earn a nice bounty for doing so?

If your interest is piqued, keep reading to learn more.

First, Who Are We & What Do You Do?

Great question! We’re a blockchain company called simplyBrand that is focused on targeting the problem of counterfeit goods being sold in online marketplaces. Our unique solution combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and crowdsourcing (a form of decentralized verification).

We have partnered with a number of companies that want to stop counterfeiters from illegally reproducing their goods. Our platform will acquire data about counterfeit goods involving these companies, verify it, and provide this information to the respective companies.

So, What Do I Have to Do?

While the blockchain technology behind validating the products is highly complex, the actual task we need your help with couldn’t be simpler. There are only 3 steps you’ll have to complete:

1. You will receive a set of online product pages to verify. Using your best judgement and analysis, you should verify if the featured products are counterfeit or not.

2. You will also be shown two product pictures and will need to verify which one is the real version.

3. Finally, you will need to directly report counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms, helping the AI to collect real samples for further improvement.

What Will I Get for My Efforts?

Once you completed the tasks assigned to you, you will be provided with our native cryptocurrency token, SBA. You can use SBA to exchange for special products or services. SBA tokens can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies when SBA is listed on cryptocurrency exchange in March, 2019

Is it Really That Simple? What’s in it For You

It sounds almost too easy to help out and be rewarded, right? Well, it really is for you. So why do we even need your help? Well, while the work you’ll be doing for us is very straightforward, it will be hugely beneficial for us.

Our AI is already incredibly advanced, but it still needs human input if it is to become even more so. Its accuracy, image recognition abilities, data identification and collection, and efficiency will increase if it is fed certain information — namely, the data you’ll provide us by completing the task above.

Still have questions? Our whitepaper has more detailed info on all of this.

How to Get Started

We are currently doing our Public Token Sale from 24th to 27th March, so the best way to be ready for our launch (and to be one of our first validators!), is to sign up to our whitelist/ newsletter on our homepage.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news and announcements by following our Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn, Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Discord.

About simplyBrand

simplyBrand is an advanced ecosystem that draws on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing to eliminate counterfeit products in digital commerce. To learn more, visit the simplyBrand website.

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