Video: Thinking About Buying a Canada Goose Jacket? You Better Check It’s the Real Deal…

2019-03-19 19:09:47

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Canada Goose jacket to prepare for the winter season, you may want to double check that what you’re buying is the real deal. As you have probably read in the countless news reports on the issue, the counterfeit clothing industry is unfortunately thriving. We may think we would never be fooled into buying a fake, but as our video below shows, it’s a surprisingly easy trap to fall into. To find out more, watch our video below:


What Inspired the Video and What is it About?

The counterfeit clothing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with no signs of slowing down. Unscrupulous counterfeiters will target any brand they believe they can make a tidy profit from, which is why Canada Goose has found itself a prime target of counterfeiting. The popular Canadian winter clothing manufacturer has become a cult brand due to its fashionable but practical winter clothing offerings.

The most well-known product in their brand is their down jacket. Consequently, that means this jacket has been copied countless times and no shortage of people have unwittingly bought a fake version. For instance, a writer for The Atlantic detailed her experience of buying a $925 fake Canada Goose jacket.

Similarly, in our video, a woman shows her friend what she believes is a genuine Canada Goose jacket. The friend looks at the logo on the jacket, and instantly recognizes that the jacket is a “cheap copy.” It turns out there are a number of giveaways that it’s a fake on the jacket’s design.

What Can You Do if You Find Yourself in a Similar Situation?

As the man in the video explains, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can report it on’s anti-counterfeiting platform. In just four simple steps you can report any fake goods you come across. Why bother, though? In return for your efforts, we will reward you with a payout in our cryptocurrency, SBA. If you’re a company, you can also sign up with simplyBrand to start proactively protecting your brand from counterfeiting.

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Some Facts About Fake Clothing

As aforementioned, the fake clothing industry is booming. According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, 2018, the total counterfeiting globally reached to 1.2 trillion USD in 2017, with counterfeit clothing, textile, footwear, cosmetics, handbags, and watches amounting to 98 billion USD.

The growth of the counterfeit clothing industry can be attributed to such factors as increasing consumer demand as well as advancements in counterfeiting efforts. Technological advancements in particularly have made it considerably easier for counterfeiters to not only manufacture fake goods, but also to distribute and promote them with few barriers than the past.

Fake clothing online is particularly hard for consumers to detect, which is why an innovative anti-counterfeiting company like simplyBrand is so necessary for both consumers and companies.

About simplyBrand

simplyBrand has developed an advanced ecosystem that draws on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing to tackle the increasingly prevalent problem of counterfeiting. simplyBrand is currently in pre-sale stage, meaning that you can get ready to access all of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology by purchasing our token, SBA. For more details, go to our website, or buy SBA now on COBINHOOD.

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