Video: Believe It or Not, Even Dyson Hair Dryers Aren’t Safe From Being Counterfeited

2019-03-05 21:26:37

Have you heard the news? We have a new series of videos which show how common fake goods are. Be sure to watch our latest video about a fake Dyson hair dryer below, as it will show you what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

What Inspired the Video and is it About?

Our Dyson video is not just an amusing look at what could happen — fake Dysons actually exist! On January 7, 2019, police in Shanghai busted a gang who were manufacturing and selling fake Dyson hair dryers. They managed to make more than 10 million yuan (US $1.5 million). It was reported that they were caught in the end because their fakes could not live up to the high-quality reputation of the original, authentic Dysons.

It was quite a smooth operation — they produced 500 to 600 devises per day at a production cost of 120 yuan. The hair dryers would subsequently be sold to a wholesaler for 650 yuan, and finally, the wholesaler would sell it online for 2200 yuan. It was quite a “bargain” considering that a real Dyson can retail at double this price. Clearly, it wasn’t worth the cost though!

The video shows a girlfriend telling her boyfriend that she needs a replacement for her broken hair dryer. Wanting to surprise her, the boyfriend thoughtfully places an online order for what he thinks is a genuine Dyson hair dryer. Soon after using it, the Dyson breaks, and the boyfriend rings the Dyson customer helpline to get a replacement. The operator informs him that his purchase is not a real Dyson, but a fake.

What Can You Do if You Find Yourself in a Similar Situation?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you no longer have to feel at a loss of what to do. You can actually earn cryptocurrency by reporting it! Once we launch, simply sign up on the simplyBrand platform as a validator, and report the purchase as a fake. After you submit your report you will receive simplyBrand’s cryptocurrency, SBA, as a reward for your efforts.

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Some Facts About Fake Electronics

The counterfeit electronics industry is a growing and a substantial rate. According to Havocscope, the counterfeit electronics industry is valued at US $169 billion. It is currently the second largest counterfeit industry, only behind counterfeit drugs.

Unbelievably, fake electronics now account for around 7% of global ICT trade. Statistica reports that most of it comes from China and Hong Kong, with the largest target market market the US, where excess of 40% of seized fake products were destined to.

If you think that you won’t be caught out by a fake, just look at the statistics! As the video shows, sometimes you will unwittingly buy a fake, as they sometimes can be quite convincing. Just remember, if you do purchase a fake, you can make the most of a bad situation by reporting it on simplyBrand!

About simplyBrand

In order to address the growing problem of online counterfeiting, simplyBrand has developed an advanced ecosystem that draws on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing. simplyBrand is currently in pre-sale stage, meaning that you can get ready to access all of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology by purchasing our token, SBA. For more details, go to our website, or buy SBA now on COBINHOOD.