Impact Calculator, Our first PoC is completed. Check it out now!

2018-11-02 17:58:04

We, at simplyBrand are committed to follow the platform development roadmap and we are glad to announce that we have finished with our first Proof of Concept (POC1), the Impact Calculator. This commitment is not just to our growing community but to ourselves, that we shall work in a self-regulated manner so that we practise what we preach. Lets dive in to know more about how this exciting Impact Calculator works and what value it brings in our fight against online counterfeiting.

The Impact Calculator is an intuitive platform to know how much impact counterfeiting has on our most loved brands. It shows the losses incurred by these brands due to the menace that is global counterfeiting. This calculator will work after enough data has been collected during the Introductory Phase of our platform. You already know about how the platform will work as we introduced to you our MVP dApp. So when this dApp goes live and our system starts working at full steam, the data that is generated will be used to calculate expected loss of revenue due to counterfeits sold over e-commerce channels around the world.

You can see the Impact Calculator here. You will see that the interface is clean, uncluttered and crisp. But don’t let the simple design fool you. Behind this spartan design is cutting edge technology at work. The humungous amount of data that the platform is capturing with the help of AI and human intervention is being used to calculate losses incurred by major brands. This information will act as an eye-opener for both, customers and brands. This will also prompt many other brands to join the platform to gain the information they need to prevent more losses, while also attracting third parties and enforcement agencies that are seeking new clients and business opportunities.

On the top left of the screen, you can select from the drop-down list, the industry category of your choice — beverages, consumer electronics, cosmetics and etc.

Once you select the appropriate industry, you can then select the brand name under that category.

After selecting the brand name, the Impact Calculator will calculate the estimated loss in revenue.

Below the calculator, you will also be able to see the list of the Top 10 brands, their categories and their losses.

The simplyBrand business proposition is not an idea on a white paper but a proven model and system that has been in existence for a few years now and we are already helping reputed global brands tackle counterfeiting. We are going a step ahead by incorporating the blockchain technology to our AI and human intervention powered solution to create a comprehensive and unique system that can act as the first line of defence for brands across the world as we create economic and reputation hurdles on the path of counterfeiters to clean up the mess of fake products.

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