Major Chinese Firm, Goldfield Investment, Bets Big on simplyBrand

2019-02-13 16:17:49

Goldfield Investment, a professional investment institution based in Beijing, China has invested substantially in simplyBrand’s anti-counterfeiting services platform.

Goldfield is part of the Jifengyuan Investment and Financing Platform that focus on early-stage businesses. The team behind the company comprises of industry experts with rich experience in equity, debt, investment banking, finance and law. The company’s main interests are in ventures in the field of medicine and health, internet and manufacturing. Apart from funding, the company provides assistance in market and business development, promotion and business model design, among others. The company sees itself as a strategic partner that accompanies the growth of the venture.

We find simplyBrand unique because of a lot of reasons, primarily because of the cutting-edge technology that they are applying cost-effectively to protect the reputation of brands that are being the victim of counterfeiters,” said Mr. Huang Hai Peng, Chairman of the Board at Goldfield Investment. “We are confident that simplyBrand will become the Number 1 choice for brands around the world due to their unmatched suite of services to tackle IP infringement.”

Kaufman Chang, co-founder and CEO of simplyBrand sees this as a partnership that will help propel simplyBrand forward on its path to achieving its vision of a clean and transparent global e-commerce. “We will not only benefit from Goldfield Investment’s funding, but also from its wealth of experience and industry insights. Their close strategic partnerships with a number of reputed financial institutions in the region will serve as a launchpad for our global expansion.

simplyBrand is using state-of-the-art AI, blockchain technology and crowdsourced detection mechanism to uncover urls and platforms selling fake products. It will work closely with brands, enforcement authorities and customers to create a major obstacle at the market level thereby creating substantial financial hurdles for counterfeiters. It also has a unique “human layer” that will not only detect fakes, but also help in training the AI to evolve.

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