Crypto law and blockchain finance solutions company Heyi Blockchain joins forces with simplyBrand

2019-01-29 15:57:55

simplyBrand has entered into a strategic partnership with Hong Kong based Heyi Blockchain to strengthen its ties with the industry to offer its unique online anti-counterfeiting services.
Heyi Blockchain is a boutique blockchain finance solutions consultancy for asset management firms and private investors. It also advises early stage blockchain startups in business and product development.
Among the services that Heyi provides are crypto-investment reports, market data intelligence, go-to-market strategies for ICO projects, blockchain managerial consulting and advisory to startups. The company is backed by a team that has proven and reliable experience in traditional finance and blockchain technology.
Mark Schaub, Chairman of Heyi Blockchain sees great potential in this partnership. “I see the real possibility of how the simplyBrand solution can disrupt and positively transform the IPR industry and at the same time solve the serious problem of counterfeiting in China.”
Kaufman Chang, co-founder and CEO of simplyBrand said that he has high regards for Mark who is one of the top lawyers in China and a true bridge between western investors and businesses in China. “I am excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring to our ecosystem. With Heyi’s diverse clientele, we get the opportunity to showcase our range of services to brands across the world and the immense value we provide in helping protect their reputation.”
simplyBrand utilizes cutting edge AI, blockchain and crowdsourced detection based on human intelligence to detect online counterfeit products on all major online stores on the internet that are being constantly monitored.
You can also become part of the simplyBrandcommunity and help us in our fight against online counterfeiting. You can join our community today and get rewarded for your efforts!
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