RB Capital powers simplyBrand’s anti-counterfeiting efforts through a strategic investment

2019-01-24 13:01:40

Red Building Capital, Asia’s leading blockchain VC, is investing in simplyBrand to bolster its anti-counterfeiting services in an effort to clean up the e-commerce space.


Red Building Capital is a Taiwan-based blockchain VC that seeks to connect exciting global blockchain projects to traditional funders like family office funds. Their prime objective is to identify quality projects that have the ability to provide long-term value and to invest in them in an effort to help them scale to achieve their vision.


RBC was founded by Ivan Li, along with Denny Yang and Dennis Chen, all of whom possess varied interest, experience and expertise in diverse fields like business development, entrepreneurship, tech R&D, project development, supply chain management and blockchain.


Ivan Li, co-founder and CEO of RBC says that blockchain economics makes it exciting but at the same time difficult to attract traditional capital. This is where RBC can help. “We have a robust network of accredited investors in Taiwan and around Asia that can offer great opportunities for outstanding projects,” said Mr. Li. He also said that they chose simplyBrand because it aligns with their investment strategy.“We believe that what simplyBrand is doing is an exceptional service to protect brands from the evils of counterfeiting. We think that have a great platform based on exceptional tech.


Kaufman Chang, co-founder and CEO of simplyBrand, says that this investment is a testament to the unique approach that simplyBrand has introduced in the fight against online counterfeiting. “The strategic investment by RBC is an important step in our journey as we scale up to expand the extent of our service offerings. The way we have combined cutting edge AI, blockchain and crowdsourced detection makes us matchless and first-in-class.”


simplyBrand is integrating the enhanced capabilities of AI, blockchain tech and the “human layer” to create a platform that will offer comprehensive brand protection services to brands who need them. The human layer – the community of thousands of everyday individuals – will report counterfeit products and also work alongside the AI to verify authenticity of products. Third-party enforcement can then take action against offending pages, platforms and sellers.


To know more about how simplyBrand is helping clean e-commerce, visit our website.


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simplyBrand’s token presale is on and there are some great bonuses and incentives for participants.


  • The Bonus Program– The bonus percentage increases with investment amount. For instance, for 350 ETH, you get a 3% bonus, for 550 ETH you get a 3.8% bonus and so on until 40,000 ETH where the investors get a bonus of 38%.
  • The First Mover Program– In the first 11 stages of the presale, out of 14, the earliest investors will share a bonus pool and receive bonuses depending on the amount invested.
  • simplyBrand Ambassador Program– The Top 100 participants that have accumulated the most investment amount from their referrals will be eligible to split a pool of SBA according to their referral contribution.
  • Referral Bonus Program – Get your unique referral code and invite your friends to participate in the presale. If your referred friend invests in the presale, you get 1000 SBA for each such referral.


You can get more details here. Join simplyBrand’s efforts as it aims to make e-commerce free from counterfeiters and unscrupulous actors.

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