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2019-01-22 17:57:04

simplyBrand is the next generation platform to fight counterfeit products from e-commerce. We are targeting a $320 billion monster that has percolated in everything we buy — from electronic goods, clothes, shoes, purses, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even food. We have a unique solution to address the challenge to detect and blacklist counterfeits based on cutting edge AI, blockchain tech and human intervention.

At simplyBrand, we have assembled a crack team of experts that are experienced in all the aspects that we work with. These are our rock stars who are focused on our mission and motivated to help brands to tackle counterfeiting and customers to make informed buying decisions.

Hsin-Chi Tsao is our Director of Design. She is an award-winning graphic artist having won a bronze at the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival, in 2015 along with many other feathers in her cap. She has worked with a host of reputed clients including big names like Ford and HSBC. Hsin-Chis is the creative brains behind simplyBrand’s visual identity.

Rita Yang is our Head of Business Development. With a BS in Information Management, Rita also has a background in sales and business development in blockchain having served at various positions in different organizations in Asia. At simplyBrand, Rita is tasked with forming long term client relationships, manage accounts and analyse data to make sense out of it for clients. She is an integral part of the business strategy formation group where she helps define clear goals for simplyBrand provides tangible and well-laid out solutions for brand protection.

A Finance and Economics graduate, Ada Yao is our Research Director with almost two decades of experience in consumer research and brand development. She has juggled many roles — manage research projects, built SaaS products for clients and defined business development roles. She has expert-level industry knowledge and experience in blockchain that has helped drive the development of the simplyBrand blockchain model through her concise and data backed research. At simplyBrand, Ada heads the planning and research department for blockchain development.

Aleen Zhang, our Product Director, has a BA in advertising and varied background that includes working in product research, interaction design and SaaS application development. She also holds expertise in blockchain ecosystems, especially in transaction data and transactions ledgers. At simplyBrand, Aleen is in charge of data platform and product user R&D, as well as demand mining and blockchain architecture. Aleen has been instrumental in giving shape to the new platform of simplyBrand. It was her keen understanding of the blockchain technology that has helped drive this project from a simple thought into reality by bringing together AI and blockchain to create the current platform at simplyBrand.

Frank Shi, our Technical Director, is a software engineer who was one of the earliest adopters of blockchain tech. He has a decade long experience in AI technology, cryptography and blockchain architecture. At simplyBrand, Frank is tasked with coupling AI and blockchain tech to create a disruptive new solution that is at the heart of our platform.

Ronnie Ng, our co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is an alumnus of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has worked across Asia in the last decade and half, successfully starting ventures and selling them. He has also handled marketing for big organizations like Alcatel Asia-Pacific, among others. He, along with Kaufman Chang, started simplyBrand in 2013 as a big data intelligence company that helped brands track counterfeiting and envisioned it as a blockchain-based solution for brand protection.

Kaufman Chang, our CEO, holds a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering and computer science and an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has been a successful serial entrepreneur with ventures in cloud computing software, big data security software and biotech. He is a firm believer in the capabilities of big data and analytics and seeks to find ways to provide value to brands through these. Kaufman leveraged his background in cyber security and brand protection to unite blockchain and AI in his latest vision to strengthen digital commerce against counterfeiting.

We believe that we are a well-oiled machine with members who respect and complement each other’s strengths. It is this teamwork that motivates us to stay focused in our goal to help make global e-commerce safe from the deleterious effects of counterfeiting. We are united in our fight with fakes. If you share our vision, help us.

Join us in our journey and share our mission to as many people as you can.

And a big welcome to simplyBrand!!!

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