simplyBrand Takes an “Oath” to Fight Counterfeiting

2019-01-17 16:38:19

simplyBrand has entered into a strategic partnership with Oath Protocol to bolster its fight against online counterfeiting.


About Oath

Oath Protocol is a community voting tool that allows blockchain and web platforms to engage their user networks in governance decisions, like user disputes, content moderation, and news verification, among others. Modeled on the common law jury system, Oath Protocol combines the reliability of the real-world legal system with the infallibility of the blockchain technology.


Oath Protocol provides an infrastructure that can be built into dApps, which can then use the Oath Protocol Contract to directly initiate Oath Protocol. After initiation (following a transaction dispute), jurors will be selected from the juror community, and will then deliberate on the case and cast their votes. Jurors rely on their common sense and provided evidence to make their decisions, without interacting with other jurors or disputing parties, and jurors who voted for the winning party get rewarded with tokens and credit points.


You can join the Oath Protocol juror community here, and for a limited time, earn a sign-up bonus!


simplyBrand + Oath = More power to anti-counterfeiting activities

The remarkable feature of simplyBrand’s anti-counterfeiting platform is its human layer. This mechanism of crowdsourced detection is first-in-class and makes the simplyBrand offering unique. Through this partnership, Oath’s fast-growing juror community gets the opportunity to participate in simplyBrand’s human layer. The two communities will work together to help simplyBrand platform’s AI component evolve through consensus detection of counterfeit products across e-commerce channels.


Kaufman Chang, co-founder and CEO of simplyBrand said that he was glad that they could partner with Oath Protocol. “This strategic partnership opens the doors of simplyBrand’s huge platform, that handles more than 10,000 cases every week, to Oath Protocol’s juror community and strengthens the anti-counterfeiting activities started by simplyBrand in a bid to clean online commerce,he said.


This synergistic partnership will be leveraged by creating a v1 web app that will allow Oath Protocol jurors to access thousands of cases on the simplyBrand platform. Oath Protocol will be connected to the simplyBrand platform via APIs, allowing its community to access cases to review products and categorize them as fake or real and get the reward benefits of the platform.


The integration of simplyBrand test cases on the Oath Protocol platform is in progress as you read this and will very likely be done in the next couple of weeks. We will formally announce when this will be done and when you can start testing out real-world cases of fighting online counterfeiting. Stay tuned for more news as this story develops.


To learn more about how simplyBrand is leveraging the capabilities of AI, blockchain and crowdsourced detection, check out our website. You can also become part of the simplyBrand community and help brands protect their reputation. Join our community today and get rewarded for your efforts!


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