Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Participate in the simplyBrand Presales!

2019-01-10 18:11:46

From 10th January 2019, simplyBrand begins the first phase of its token sale — the presale. And we invite you to participate in a project that has been talked about with a lot of respect and hope from our loyal, dedicated and highly interactive community that includes individuals who are themselves experts and passionate enthusiasts of the crypto world.

Our upcoming ICO has received high ratings from third party review sites — 4.6/5 from ICO Bench, A1 from ICOTOP and 4.8/5 from ICO Creed. This is testament to the uniqueness of our approach and the value we bring to the e-commerce industry that is desperately fighting counterfeit products.

simplyBrand is a next-gen e-commerce anti-counterfeiting platform that combines the power of cutting-edge AI, blockchain and the indefatigable crowdsourced human intervention to detect fake products at market level and thereby create and raise an economic and reputation barrier for counterfeiters and unscrupulous online sites.

simplyBrand is not a new venture looking to raise funds to create a solution; we are already a well-established venture that has been catering to renowned brands through our state-of-the-art data analytics and social monitoring services, since more than five years now.

We have diligently followed our developmental roadmap and have already released our Proof-of-Concept apps and the development of their full-fledged versions is in progress.

Our core management team, backed by a stellar advisory board, comprises of individuals who possess rich and diverse experience in the fields of data science, data analytics, product development, legal, academia, finance and marketing. They possess industry-level insights and have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the market.

We are totally committed to creating the solution that we believe in and the feedback from the industry has also convinced us of the direction we are headed in.

Visit our website for more details. We have many exciting things planned for you. Here is a quick summary –

· The Bonus Program– The bonus percentage keeps on increasing with increase in amount invested. For instance, for 350 ETH, you get a 3% bonus, for 550 ETH you get a 3.8% bonus and so on until 40,000 ETH where the investors gets a whopping bonus of 38%.

· The First Mover Program– The entire presale is comprised of 14 stages in the first 11 stages, the earliest investors will share a bonus pool and receive bonuses depending on the amount invested.

· simplyBrand Ambassador Program– The Top 100 participants that have accumulated the most investment amount from their referrals will be eligible to split a pool of SBA according to their referral contribution. In short, the more your referred friends invest in our presale, the higher are your chances of receiving a large bonus.

· Referral Bonus Program — Get your unique referral code and invite your friends to participate in the presale. If your referred friend invests in the presale, you get 1000 SBA for each such referral.

You can get more details here. Don’t miss the opportunity! We are excited. Are you?

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